You worked hard - protect what you have

We live in dangerous times. Be prepared. Be ready. Be safe.

Silenta Servo - the "Silent Service" - is an organization that protects you and everything you hold dear against electronic and digital threads. We protect you and your assets from eavesdropping, unintended disclosures, hacking and other common threads in the troubled world of today. We conduct counterintelligence, preventive and offensive security. If you invest into home and personal security, think of us as the body guards for your "digital self".

We are real life and digital security professionals, lawyers, accountants and investigators. We have only one mission: Make you and your loved ones safe from inherent threads in the networked world. Our services are transparent, silent and won't overly interfere with your day to day life. So - please, go on and enjoy what you have. We'll make sure it's safe.


Mobile- and Internet communications are easy to exploit. Just listen to the news. We'll make you and your loved ones safe.

Data Storage

We'll provide you with services and tools that combine the flexibility of the modern cloud with utmost confidentiality and safety.


We screen your business and employees, we monitor it's digital sphere and protect you against espionage, theft and disclosures.

Don't believe in a quick fix

There is no technology that can auto- "magically" protect you. It takes professionals. Like us.

People and companies are trying to sell you expensive software or technology. What good is a steel door on a tent? You have to address all potential thread areas. Unintentional errors and social engineering create back doors and invite undesirables.

You Can Fight back

Mislead and puzzle your adversaries and use their own tools to aggressively defend yourself.

Your digital footprints shouldn't leave criminals to the watering hole - the data "mother load". Your traces in the digital world must point to skillfully crafted traps to gather the hard evidence you need for prosecution.

Talk to us - today

We are able to dispatch operatives within 24 hours (USA, Europe). Act fast if you believe you are threatened or if you have reason to think you have been compromised. Don't delay. Don't talk to anybody but the professionals.